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Generate sustainable social and environmental impact with an engaged community.


Authentic concern. Real impact.

The world is constantly changing and as a society it is time to think differently. With our environment at a tipping point and 1.2 billion people about to be left behind due to technological advancements, now is the time to act. 

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become a global call to end poverty, promote equality and protect the environment, ensuring that people everywhere can enjoy peace and prosperity.

We have the capability and tools already built to create a better, more sustainable future for all by empowering businesses and communities to embrace the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions.

PiniOn’s proven solution raises awareness, engages communities on a global scale, measures results, and fosters positive behavioral change to improve business, environmental and social outcomes.

We empower everyday people to drive impact for social and environmental causes while earning extra income. Our solutions aren't just about numbers—they're about real-world results that make a difference. To learn more about a custom solution for your organization, schedule a conversation with our team.

We’ll help you design a custom solution that supports your ESG and Social Impact initiatives


Custom missions based on your organization’s stated goals

Or, PiniOn created missions that you can support and engage with users

Users can be acquired or activated from your existing database

Users earn rewards and are incentivized to share via social media

Robust, reliable data demonstrates the impact of your program

Discover our impact missions:

Beach cleaning

We gathered people in dozens of coastal cities to pick up trash on the sand. The result: more than 1 ton of garbage has already been collected, generating a high impact on the environment.

Collection of e-waste

We create a gamified mission for people to learn about and dispose of e-waste in a sustainable way. Since launching this mission, we’ve engaged thousands of users who have disposed of batteries, wires, and other forms of e-waste and nearly 60% of those who took on the mission shared this information with family and friends.

Measure Your ESG Initiatives

We can activate authentic influencers with real-time and reliable measurement for your ESG and social impact programs.

Our Friends in Impact


With our solution you can:


Design your socio-environmental projects, talking directly to people who will engage with your proposal


Gather data of the impact of your ESG projects and how the community engages with them


Execute projects with real socio-environmental impact in line with your goals


Evaluate the performance of your projects and their true results


Evaluate the result of the community’s engagement and the performance of each project


Change people’s behavior towards ESG through education and gamification

How do PiniOn missions work?

Based on the profile and/or location, PiniOn carries out missions with almost 3 million global users. Our level of engagement is high because, for each mission, our users have an opportunity for extra income.This is how it works:

The User receives the mission through the PiniOn app.
If accepted, that person can answer a questionnaire and send a photo, video, or audio.
Users received complete the mission (usually a series of missions) and their results are validated.
Results are sent to you in real- time, directly in your system or through our platform.

What makes PiniOn special?


Community engagement is our specialty supported by a team of behavioral scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, and ESG experts


The latest technology ensures our platform, including AI and image recognition, delivers the optimal user experience and results


Over 3 million global users with new markets expanding rapidly

Real Incentives

Our platform provides cash rewards and other monetary incentives that lead people to action and help change behaviors

Monitor progress and report impact results in dashboards


In addition to the dashboard, you can also count on RAW DATA

Organized and delivered systemically in D+1 via API or online databases like BigQuery.

Our Mission