Make an extra income with PiniOn!

Become an Opiner, do missions and earn money for it! Click on the buttons below and download the application for your operating system.


The Benefits of PiniOn

Intuitive platform

Easy to use and available for iOS and Android.

Engaging missions

Get involved at home or in your community.

Educational path

Learn, make a difference, and get paid for it.

Help your community

Participate in actions that will make a difference for everyone.


Earn money by completing missions with your cell phone.


How do the PiniOn missions work?


According to your profile and location, you get a mission on your smartphone. Just open the PiniOn app and accept.


There are several missions, such as answering a questionnaire, sending a photo or video, or performing an outdoor activity.


When delivering the mission, it’ll be analyzed. But don’t worry: validation usually happens automatically and right away!


Mission approved? Money in your PiniOn account! When reaching R$25.00, you can request the withdrawal.

See how PiniOn really impacts people's life:

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Do I pay anything to register on PiniOn?

No! Registering to be an Opiner is free.

Do I pay anything to participate in missions on PiniOn?

No! You don’t pay anything to be an Opiner

Is PiniOn safe?

Yes! PiniOn's main guide is information security and is 100% in line with the current terms of the GDPR. What does that mean? That we are concerned all the time with the data of our more than 3 million Opiners who are spread throughout Brazil.

Will I receive missions every day?

No. Our missions take into account some types of socioeconomic profiles and locations. Right after you register, you will receive a series of missions from PiniOn itself so that we can do this mapping.

Do I pay anything to withdraw money from my wallet?

No. But keep in mind that you must have a minimum amount of R$25.00 to make the withdrawal.

Can a mission of mine be rejected?

Yes. Our missions go through automatic or manual approval processes. If anything is not as requested, your mission may be rejected.

If I have a problem with the missions, what should I do?

If you have a problem with a quest, or the app or need to ask us something, just send an email to Keep in mind that you must use the same address that you registered in the app, okay?

Other questions?

Our story

Founded in 2012, PiniOn has become the largest Brazilian platform for carrying out virtual and face-to-face missions.

Spread throughout the country, we have more than 3 million registered users and we are present in more than 4,500 cities.

Today, we coordinate tasks at scale for companies, governments, and the third sector, improving business and information efficiency by taking action quickly and with auditable results.