Increase your sales and decrease your media investment risk

Find out if your product or service is known and desired by the market, which brand strategy to adopt and assess the impact of your actions in real-time media.

We are PiniOn

We offer solutions with the necessary technology for the BEST data collection for your strategies - much better than the existing ones.

The Power of Engagement

With our solution you are able to better understand how your brand is being perceived by the market, create assertive strategies, directing your product or service to the media that will bring more results and also evaluate in real time the effectiveness of the adopted strategy.

Identify how much the market knows a brand, how much it is a desire brand or what elements are missing for it to sell more.


We are a real-time data collection platform, with super segmentation and statistically controlled sampling.

There are already more than 10 million users answering a mission every 3 seconds!

Setup Speed

Your custom project launched in less than a week. You will have daily brand tracking update.

Daily Sample Controls

Samples 10x larger, statistically controlled by user age, genre, region and social-economic level.

User-friendly data consumption

Pre-programmed dashboards with key tracking KPIs, if needed.

State-of-the-art methodology

In-depth research into the brand funnel (awareness, consideration, intention, purchase, lovers, rejecters and much more).

Want to understand more about how we can help you?

Have in your hands a real data sample for sell in scale.

With our Brand Tracking, you can:


Know the real market perception of your brand


Reduce risks by being more assertive in your strategic planning and media investment


Assess the real impact of your media actions


Have an in-depth understanding of your brand funnel

Grant the data in the format you need

Raw Data

Organized with the help of our technology and delivered within 24 hours

Tabulated Data

Have tabulated information from a raw data 1-1 database at your hands


Easily visualize and analyze the data you need to build your strategy