Empowering Humans To Drive Measurable Impact

PiniOn empowers people by leveraging technology to transform the most complex activities into simple missions for everyone, driving measurable operational, social and environmental impact with data for businesses while bringing prosperity to communities.

What kind of missions can you do with PiniOn?


  • Get mission critical data in real-time including stores and other locations of interest


  • Generate impact in a simple, fun, and meaningful way.


  • Engage with People at Scale for your Company / Organization

Make a donation and help our 3 million users collect garbage at beaches all over Brazil


Precise decisions start with PiniOn

Barrier-free scalability! We deliver raw data in real-time, almost 100% automated, and in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Speed up your strategic processes and reduce risks with the help of PiniOn. The time to decide is now!


We gamify content, and transform behavior

Our experts have developed a blend of neuroscience and technology to transform complex experiences into fun educational adventures!

Our results can prove it: 66% of users who participated in an educational path indicated that they changed their habits after what they learned.


We can mobilize thousands of cities, reaching millions of people

PiniOn is the platform that will change the way you mobilize people. Through paid missions, we take your message to the offline world, impacting and causing real changes in people's behavior.

And best of all: we measure all engagement quickly, effectively, and safely through impressive numbers of the impact generated.

Some of our partners

Rede Globo
SBVC - Sociedade Brasileira de Varejo e Consumo
Agência DM9
Instituto IDEIA
Vidya - Data Viz Studio
  • "PiniOn has been helping us a lot in Globo's path of evolution as a MediaTech. In recent years, through its high-volume data collection solutions and real-time deliveries, we have been able to achieve an incredible understanding of the market supporting our customers, teams of strategy and sales."
  • "Here at DM9 we rely on PiniOn's solutions to map and collect market data with agility and efficiency. Our partnership has been fundamental for the generation of actionable insights for the creative process both within the agency and for our clients."
  • "I have witnessed the evolution of the company, which today offers one of the most important and agile data collection tools on the market. There, we found a committed team, ready to embrace new challenges. The result of this is openness and action to evolve and innovate together."
  • "PiniOn has the ability to collect data quickly for making strategic decisions. It has become an important tool in our consumer research routine."
  • "PiniOn has been a great partner of the Associação Comercial de São Paulo in recent years, preparing consumer confidence indices and purchase intention surveys. This data, in addition to allowing a better understanding of retail dynamics, has contributed to improving the ability to forecast trade sales."

The benefits of PiniOn

For companies.


Latitude and Longitude with coordinates in 8 digits of precision.

Thousands of existing segmentations and other possible customizable ones.


Ability to Reach
We are in more than 4,500 cities, 98% of the population, and 99% of the National GDP.


Data Volume

+ 10MM missions per year, 1 mission every 3 seconds, and thousands of active users everyday.


Use of multimedia (Photo, Audio, Video, Emojis, etc.) to guide and/or be the target of data collection, improving assertiveness and data quality.

Real time

The data is systematically scheduled to be collected anytime, any day (24x7), and is transmitted live to the client.

Image Recognition

Thousands of image data are processed and structured in seconds.

Data enrichment

We enrich your database, providing additional structured data or validating any information in the field.


API for requests and data delivery, or connected to your marketplace.

For opiners/users.

Intuitive Platform

Easy to use and available for iOS and Android.

Engaging missions

Get involved at home or in your community.

Educational path

Learn, make a difference, and get paid for it.

Help your community

Participate in actions that will make a difference for everyone.


Earn money by completing missions with your cell phone.

Learning is fun

With gamification, your educational content becomes fun and interactive for Opiners.


Get the chance to participate in major environmental and social impact actions.

Get out of the routine

Whether virtually or in-person, no missions are the same.

Fast withdraw

When accumulating money from missions, request withdrawal directly from the app to your bank account.

How does the process works?


The company or organization shares the business problem and we design a solution through our architecture and technology team.


We activate our users with the ideal profile or geolocation. The user receives a push and mission in the PiniOn app and has a deadline to complete it.


Upon completion of the mission and once approved, the user is remunerated and the company receives the results in an auditable and organized manner.

Our story

Founded in 2012, PiniOn has become the largest Brazilian platform for carrying out virtual and face-to-face missions.

Spread throughout the country, we have more than 3 million registered users and we are present in more than 4,500 cities.

Today, we coordinate tasks at scale for companies, governments, and the third sector, improving business and information efficiency by taking action quickly and with auditable results.

Let's change the world together